My husband, my best friend, the father of my children

I have taken time to speak about my personal journey in teaching and some of the people who have had a significant impact on me, however, I have not yet told you about my husband, best friend, and father of my children.

I met Logan in 2006 at his family cabin north of La Ronge, SK and we began dating in 2008. I could tell you many stories about our early years together or all the accomplishments we have made together, but for this story I want to focus on Logan and all the qualities I admire about him!

For those of you that know Logan and I, you likely know we have very different strengths. For those of you who don’t, let me tell you about some of the key differences between us. Logan is organized and methodical in his thinking and the way he arranges/prioritizes his work and home life. Organization does not come easy to me. Often, my thoughts are all over the place. I usually say “I’m a thinker of ideas but I need someone else to capture them on paper for me”. I have finally come to terms with the fact that I need to be more organized and have been working on that. For Logan, everything is organized to maximize productivity and efficiency.

Logan is also extremely creative! He often builds tools to support his work, or has creative ideas to solve household issues that arise. Whenever I have troubles fixing something, solving a problem, or I lose patience, I call Logan. When something breaks and someone asks can it be fixed, I always think “If it can, Logan will figure it out!” I so appreciate this about Logan – there is very little he can’t fix and few issues he can’t solve!

One of Logan’s greatest strengths is that he is patient. He will work on a task meticulously for hours, days, until he gets it just right. He will put the long haul in to reap rewards later. I much prefer fast solutions and quick gratification. For example, Logan’s current project is putting a new radio in his Dads Supercub aircraft. This project has been ongoing for several months now – every lunch hour that he can, he works on it. When I’m gone our house has electrical wires all over it while he ensures every piece is perfect! I couldn’t do it – I would lose focus.

As a father, Logan is exemplary. When he is at home he is all hands on deck with his kids, obtaining little time for himself. He spends hours on a 120 cc snowmobile with our daughter Cady. Even when it’s -35 degrees Celsius outside, they are out there. He builds hills with the snowblower and packs them down so they are safe for her to sled down. He also can’t wait to take her flying when he goes. He is truly a family man. He often tells me “the joy in flying is when he can take us!” Speaking of creativity, Logan also weaves that into his role of father. You never know what you might see when you look out the window when he is with Cady! The newest thing is to pull our child chariot behind the 120 cc snowmobile and take Cady and Wyatt for rides. He is full of surprises and I’m never sure if it is Logan’s idea or Cady’s. This is so much fun!

As a husband, Logan has been nothing but supportive. I often have big dreams and he never deflates my enthusiasm. He just trusts me and goes along with it. He would say “once your mind is set on something you are going to do it anyways!” I suppose there is some truth to that statement. Once again, I admire this quality in Logan. He is always my greatest fan through my wackiest ideas and he often brings a realistic perspective to help visualize how I will actually achieve what I want to.

I think many of us could learn from Logan. He prioritizes his family but still takes pride in doing his best while at work. He is supportive of my dreams and ambitions, aims to be the very best father he can be, and takes pride in everything he does. One thing for sure – Logan brings us all up! What more could we ask for! They say to surround yourself with people who make you better. Logan is just that. Life has slowed down for me – something Logan has taught me! Take time to enjoy the tiny moments and most importantly just be you whether you are at work with your colleagues or at home with your family!

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